Travel Trailers

Selection. Style. Durability. Value.

  • Cougar Half Ton Travel Trailers

    Cougar Half-Ton

    The Half-Ton travel trailer is a prime example of quality, livability, and functionality consumers have come to expect from Cougar. A great choice for touring the country in style.

  • Light by Open Range Travel Trailers

    Light by Open Range

    Designed for optimal mileage, easier handling, and lower weight, the Light by Open Range travel trailer achieves a lightweight package without sacrificing quality.

  • Outback Travel Trailers


    Perfect for camping, chalked with tons of storage space and a sleek exterior, the eye-catching Outback is the total package. With a clever design inside and out, this travel trailer is superb.

  • Outback Ultra Light Travel Trailers

    Outback Ultra Light

    Enjoy the comfort you expect from Outback without excess weight slowing things down. The Ultra-Light is lighter and leaner with an aluminum frame and a special aerodynamic exterior.

  • Cougar X-Lite Travel Trailers

    Passport Elite Travel Trailer

    The Passport Elite line has stunning models featuring stylish exterior colors contrasting for both the front and rear ends of the travel trailer.

  • Passport Express

    Perfect for long hauls to far-away destinations with easy towing and fuel efficiency. The Passport Express is brimming with interior features with everything you and your family could want or need.

  • Passport Grand Touring

    A stellar option in the lineup of larger travel trailers, the Passport Grand Touring helps you strike an ideal balance of cost versus value. Built with strength and integrity, you'll love the extra room from this trailer's large frame!

  • Open Range

    Floor plans suited for any type of travel and an interior bursting with attractive amenities, Roamer by Open Range is a superior travel trailer for your family. See the world from the comfort of this deluxe trailer!

  • Springdale

    Cutting-edge innovation and engineering prowess built the Springdale Travel Trailer from the ground up, raising the bar for the rest of its class. Comfort and convenient for all-around ease of living.

  • Springdale Summerland

    Dreaming of the perfect vacation while enjoying at-home convenience and amenities? Consider a never-ending vacation with a Summerland travel trailer series from Keystone!

  • Springdale Summerland Mini

    Good things come in small packages, so don't let the word "mini" get in the way of enjoying the new, completely redesigned Summerland Mini - a feature-packed travel trailer without the excess weight!

  • Wildwood

    A unique travel trailer equipped with the latest design innovations that make your space feel just like home. The Wildwood by Forest River sports plenty of storage solutions and a feature-rich package.

  • Wildwood X-lite

    The Wildwood X-Lite by Forest River is an exquisite travel trailer for all types of environments. With advanced engineering innovations, this chassis is strong and durable yet east to tow and handle.

  • Pre Owned Travel Trailers

    Pre Owned

    Rich & Sons RV Headquarters buys and sells the best travel trailers Nebraska has to offer. Our inventory is stocked with late models containing a variety of floor plans.

  • Pre Owned Travel Trailers


    Rich & Sons RV Headquarters buys and sells the best travel trailers Nebraska has to offer. Our inventory is stocked with late models containing a variety of floor plans.