Wildood by Forest River. Trailers with Quality and Convenience.

The Wildwood by Forest River is a unique travel trailer, equipped with the latest design innovations to make the space feel just like home. Sporting plenty of storage solutions, wooden accents throughout, durable plywood floors, and a feature-rich package, we recommend this trailer for a variety of uses. There are several floor plans available at all times at Rich & Sons RV Headquarters, and this is one of the more popular choices. Choose the plan that’s ideal for your family, whether it’s the cozy 29-foot model or a more spacious floor plan with a kitchen island and full sofa.

Travel in Style

Forest River packs in quality and convenience. Wildwood boasts unparalleled craftsmanship, interior design, and hundreds of features geared toward a final product that exceeds all expectations. You will enjoy all the comforts of home in a Wildwood trailer. Sit beneath your mildew-resistant vinyl patio awning at your favorite campsite, listening to tunes from your two marine-grade exterior speakers, or enjoy a home-cooked meal from your fully functional kitchen. On your trip, you can stare out at the beautiful places from panoramic safety glass windows. Whatever you do, you’ll do it in style.

Enjoy all the luxuries of home living with a reliable enclosed freshwater tank, 16-gallon gas/electric quick recovery water heater, and a ducted 13,500 BTU air conditioner with quick-cool features. No matter what climates you drive through, you’ll always be comfortable. The kitchen has a double-door refrigerator, stainless steel appliances, residential style sink with high-rise faucet, and wooden drawers with plywood slides and ball bearing drawer guides. There’s also a handy knife rack behind the cooktop and plenty of storage space in overhead kitchen cabinets. Brushed stainless finish hardware and attractive vinyl flooring make this space beautiful.

Quality Built to Last

Inside and out, Forest River built Wildwood to last. The rugged sophistication of this travel trailer speaks to its durable build and flawlessly executed construction. The Wildwood will hold up under the pressures of travel in all four seasons regardless of where the road takes you. Let the customer service team at Rich & Sons RV Headquarters set you up today.

  • Wildwood 27DBK

  • Wildwood 27REIS

  • Wildwood 27RKSS

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  • Wildwood 27RLSS

  • Wildwood 28CKDS

  • Wildwood 28DBUD

  • Wildwood 30KQBSS

  • Wildwood 31BKIS

  • Wildwood 31KQBTS

  • Wildwood 32BHDS

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