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2024 Brinkley Model G 3500

The 2024 Brinkley Model G 3500 is the epitome of luxury when it comes to a fifth-wheel toy hauler.  The 3500 is equipped with dozens of intelligently designed features and offers an exterior that is akin to the design of a modern automobile. On the other hand, the interior is built to provide unparalleled residential living.
Residential Interior Design
The interior of the Brinkley Model G line is contemporary and refined. The creators of this line made it their mission to provide owners with a true residential experience. The interior boasts spacious layouts complete with state-of-the-art furnishings and amenities. The G line offers luxurious features such as spa-like showers, high-end furniture, and residential-grade flooring.
Automotive Exterior Design
The exterior of the Brinkley Model G line is a showcase of modern and clean styling. The all-new windows were designed and crafted with the line’s exterior aesthetic in mind. The exterior design of the G line is considered by many to be an industry standard, providing a sleek and sophisticated look that’s hard to beat.
Maximum Exterior Storage
The Brinkley Model G line’s exterior is equipped with massive 3-way pass-through storage complete with slide-out trays. RVers love this fifth-wheel toy hauler for its abundance of storage space, allowing them to bring along all of their toys without sacrificing their living space.
101+ Intelligent Features
The Brinkley Model G line has been crafted with over 101 intelligent features developed and tested in the real world. These features range from well-placed power outlets to an advanced HVAC system. Every feature is designed to make your experience living and traveling in your fifth-wheel toy hauler as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.
The Brinkley Model G 3500 is the ultimate luxury fifth-wheel toy hauler, offering features and design choices that are unmatched in the industry. With a residential interior that is modern and refined, an automotive exterior that is sleek and sophisticated, ample storage space, and intelligent features galore, the G 3500 is the clear pick for those who want it all. This RV is perfect for RVers who want to experience life on the road while never having to compromise on luxury, style, and functionality.

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