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Customer Camping Hacks #1

Who better to share hacks than those who camp! These are all hacks that have been sent in by our customers, with permission to share. 

  1. Todd bought these fishing rod holders online and then he just used 1″ self-tapping screws and screwed them into the frame underneath the bed. This keeps your rods and lines from tangling, PLUS look at all the storage you still have in the compartment!!! 

2. Here’s a cool hack for Tension Rods in your RV Kitchen!! You can use to hang paper towels and cleaner for quick clean ups or use them in the fridge to keep things from falling during travel!!!

3. I got this hack from a camper renovator. Simply screw in mason jar lids to the underside of your RV cabinets and then fill your jars with pasta, beans, snacks etc. You save space and have a nice decorative addition to your kitchen!